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How Your IRA Or 401(k) Can Become A Tax-Free Gift For Your Loved Ones

The IRS is coming – eventually – for the money in your 401(K) or Traditional IRA.
As a result, people who think they have $500,000 or $1 million stashed away for retirement will learn they have less than they realized once they start withdrawing the money and have to pay taxes on those withdrawals.

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You’re Retired and You Just Received an Inheritance: What Now?

The key to answer this question is to realize you are speaking about 'retirees' receiving this gift, or unexpected windfall or inheritance. We are not talking about someone in their 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s who have a different time horizon.

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Annuities, Like Rome, Weren’t Built in a Day

Annuities have been around for centuries – since Roman times. In Ancient Rome, people would make a single payment in return for annual lifetime payments. Even back then, retirement planning was a concern.

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Does Today’s Economy Make Retirement Impossible?

Life in retirement, which once conjured images of golf and sunsets at the beach, took on a drearier edge in recent years as more people realize they are unprepared financially to stop working. The Washington Post has called it “the new reality of old age” and quoted one 74-year-old man saying he will need to work until he dies. For those who have retired, a Fidelity study found that 55 percent are at risk of running out of money before their lives end. Think of this statistic—more than ½ of those surveyed aren’t prepared. Are you?

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5 Ways Small Business Owners Plan Intelligently for Retirement

Preparing financially for retirement can be complicated for anyone, but for small business owners the process often poses even more challenges.

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US Debt Clock

An average of nearly $1.5 BILLION is added to the national debt every single day… $62 million per hour… $1 million per minute… and more than $17,000 per SECOND.


Inflation Calculator
Are you aware of how much inflation can impact your retirement?
The answer may surprise you. Use this calculator to estimate how much more income you may need when factoring in inflation between now and when you reach retirement age.

Social Security Calculator
Social Security can be a significant part of your retirement income. Use this retirement calculator to estimate your Social Security income.